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How Woodward Standard Can Help Your Small Business or Organization Fundraise

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

It has been almost a year since businesses, schools, and events were ordered to close down across the country, completely changing the way we all operate. Everyone had to get creative during that time, finding new ways to serve customers, teach students, and even how to socialize.

The apparel industry was no different. First came the mask decoration. That came as no surprise. Customers put regular apparel orders on pause in order to outfit their staff or team members with branded face coverings in all shapes and sizes. Stock quickly grew and options increased allowing us to better serve our customers. And from an industry and fashion standpoint, these show signs of sticking around for the long run.

Then came the inventory shortages, a problem unlike we've ever seen before in all the years we've been in business. It was a struggle to fulfill orders, pulling from multiple suppliers, brands, makes, and models just to complete the smallest of orders. While still somewhat of an issue, it appears to be improving.

We've seen a lot of changes this last year, but the biggest change is how people are choosing to do business with us. It turns out, they don't want to see us as much as we thought they did...

But that's not because their needs changed or our services became obsolete. It was for the simple fact that they wanted to find a way to do business entirely online from beginning stages to end. In a time when people were finding themselves working from home, it turns out they were also seeking ways to accomplish other tasks from the comfort of their living rooms while lounging in their pajamas. Even when it came to creating their custom apparel orders.

Here at Woodward Standard we've always offered an online component for designing apparel and have really brought online stores to the forefront as the best practice for placing group orders and sharing purchasing options via social media. But now, it wasn't coming based on our recommendation. It was coming at the request of the customer to ensure contactless ordering and delivery to the end user.

It's more than just a tool to collect and distribute orders though, as convenient as it is for all parties. This pandemic has illustrated that businesses of all sizes need to look at new ways to create a revenue stream and by implementing fundraising through online stores, it becomes the perfect pairing to provide a quality branded product to our client's customers while helping to put extra money in their pockets.

Woodward Standard has been able to raise thousands of dollars over the last year for schools, small businesses, and extra curricular groups while providing a much needed service. On top of that, by managing the collection and distribution of orders we've taken the stress off of the business staff themselves so they can focus on what they do best. I'd say that constitutes a win-win all the way around.

To learn more about our options for fundraising, shoot us an e-mail at or click the link below for more information:


Definition: of superior quality or integrity. Standing in a category above and beyond what is considered the norm in its specific industry.

Ask how we can help with your next custom apparel order and don't forget to check out our weekly Preemo Podcast for tips and tricks from the apparel industry and beyond!

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