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Good, Better, Best: T-Shirt Edition

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Don't know what shirt to use for your next order? Read on, this breakdown might help.

We're often asked here at Woodward Standard Print House, what products can you recommend? That should come as no surprise since we come across so many more products than the average person would and get a ton of customer feedback.

And it can definitely be overwhelming, even for us. With literally thousands of options across multiple brands, suppliers, and blend, how can you ensure that the items selected for your order will be up to your standards or fit your specific needs?

That's why we've compiled this list, bringing you what we deem the Good, Better, Best options for specific apparel categories.

In our first installment, let's start with our most in demand item. Your favorite and mine, the great American t-shirt.


If you're on a budget, the best bang for your buck is going to be the Gildan 50/50 Dry Blend Tee (G800). Gildan has solid offerings in all the basics, so you'll probably see them in the GOOD section for most of our picks. It's a great starting point for any order and will rarely leave you disappointed but may leave you wanting more.

This 5.5 oz tee is 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester (hence the name 50/50) and a much nicer starting option than their basic 100% Cotton offering of the G500. Woodward Standard will always offer an even swap out of the two from a price standpoint (all you have to do is ask!).

With plenty of color choices and a youth companion piece, this shirt is ideal for spiritwear or outfitting a large work crew. The 50/50 blend wear much more comfortably than the 100% cotton and holds its shape/sizing better in the wash too.

If cost is a factor, this would be a go-to in our industry without getting stuck with the cheapest tee that feels like cardboard. But there leaves a bit to be desired...


The better category is a little harder to nail down. Do you want wicking tees for athletic performance? Heavyweight tees for your work crew? A nice retail piece that catches your customer's attention? These are all factors that could produce different recommendations from our staff here at Woodward Standard Print House. But we may have found an option that satisfies everyone.

The Jerzees Dri-Power Sport Shirt (21M) is a solid upgrade from your GOOD option. This 100% Polyester Tee wicks away moisture without the static feel and sheen look that most people associate with a poly tee.

It has comfort, performance, and attributes that will be appreciated by anyone who receives one of these garments with your logo proudly printed by the production staff here at Woodward Standard. Limited color choices are the downfall of this particular product though with only 12 options to choose from.


It should come as no surprise that our choice for the BEST T-Shirt is the District Perfect Tri Tee (DM130). This piece was the tee that inspired the Preemo line to seek out the best quality product when it comes to selecting your apparel.


Definition: of superior quality or integrity. Standing in a category above and beyond what is considered the norm in its specific industry.

Coming in at 4.5 oz, this mix of 50% Cotton, 25% Polyester, and 25% Ringspun Combed Cotton gives you the best of all worlds. Soft to the touch, perfectly cut, this tee keeps its shape wash after wash and provides a vintage look that people naturally gravitate to. Here at Woodward Standard we use this tee for the majority of our retail offerings and our customers fall in love at first touch.

Try a softhand print on your next order to add that extra element of "cool" and really complete the vintage feel that pairs so nicely with this tee.

And at only a few dollars more per shirt, the extra investment will pay for itself 10X as this tee finds itself in regular rotation in everyone's wardrobe. It's a no brainer!

Ask how we can help with your next custom apparel order and don't forget to check out our weekly Preemo Podcast for tips and tricks from the apparel industry and beyond!

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